Sunday, January 6, 2013

We go together like boobs and insulin.

**WARNING: If you can discern what it is I'm attempting to draw, some of these pictures may be too "graphic" (descriptive?) for younger readers. Then again, you may be completely confused at what you see on the screen. It's up to you. The latter is much more likely.**

Last night I got a little adventurous with my pump site. My stomach, hips, and bum are desperate for a break from the adhesive-induced rash I get from wearing a pump. I saw a post from Sysy Morales (more specifically this vlog). If she can inject insulin into her boob, why can't I infuse insulin into my boob?

So I tried it.

Because I have, ahem, "ample" surface area on my chest I picked a spot off to the side and down low where the tubing could easily snake out the bottom of my bra. Because of all the fatty tissue, I didn't feel it going in. I also (so far) haven't felt any insulin infusing (sometimes it burns in other parts of my body). When I put my bra on, it kind of looks like a third nipple. But the good news is that you can't see it under my clothes. No one sees me in my underroos anyway, so I'm not concerned about my weird third nip.

After thinking about it, I have a couple recommendations:

  1. If you are not blessed with huge honkers (scientific term) like myself, I may not necessarily recommend using a boob site. It would likely be a lot more visible beneath your clothing, whereas mine is suffocated and hidden beneath my lady lump. 
  2. Nipples have a lot of nerve endings. Don't put adhesive near them. Can you imagine tearing THAT off? Fun.
  3. If you wear an underwire, don't put the site where the wire would constantly rub against it. I imagine this would create some soreness and maybe loosen the adhesive so it doesn't stick as well.
I should also mention how itchy it is. This isn't unusual for me as I have an allergy to the pump site adhesive. I'm glad I live alone and have no errands to run, as the random grabbing of the boob and itching away makes me look mentally ill and diseased. I am not a leper. Just a diabetic. With a tube in her boob.

I also drew pictures. Because what's a blog post about boobs without a little artistry?

"My fore-parts, as you so ineloquently put it, have names....This is Danger....And this is Will Robinson. I would appreciate it if you address them accordingly." ~Darynda Jones


  1. SO funny! But really handy information for those wondering where else they might be able to inject or connect a pump site. Love the visuals you added. I'm glad it worked for you!

  2. So funny and so brave! Unfortunately, I don't have "ample knockers," plus I'm a total chicken! Thanks for sharing your experience & the awesome visuals!

  3. Raise your hand if you almost fell off your chair/couch/... in amusement and laughter. Leave it to my sister to bring such joy to peoples lives.

  4. *raises hand*

    That was awesome C. I've been curious to try this but had no idea where/how. Thanks!

  5. Sorry... no room at this inn.

  6. YOU ROCK!!!
    I've been putting my pump sites in my boobs for a couple years. I've wanted to blog about it for just as long. I even came up with a blog title "the third nipple". However due to the fact that I had to "clean up" my blog as a prerequisite to my team commitment, I felt like I couldn't write about it.

    I've told a few people.

    I truly LOVE tit infusion sites. NO JOKE!! you rock!

  7. You girls (and your girls) have so many more choices than guys do! I don't think you would ever find a male-equivalent to this.

    But curiosity lingers in my mind, and I have to ask. Teflon cannula or steel? Straight or angled? Inserter or manual? I don't mean to sound crude... I just don't know how you walk around with those things.

  8. Not enough surface area on this lady but I appreciate the post. I specifically like the last illustration as it made me giggle like I'm 10 years old. Mentally I may be, but seriously, good for you on the post! xo

  9. My Endo first recommended using the boobs for pump sites during the summer. Tank tops leave arms open.. but you (usually) have boobs covered all the time, less likely to snag tubing on something.

  10. Used the side boob for the firs time for a new site last night! Loving it- out of the way, not catching on anything, didn't hurt - and I don't even have big boobs! Thanks for sharing, and oversharing :)

  11. Someone jokingly asked me if I could inject in my boobs when I was first diagnosed and I thought she was nuts!

    Unfortunately there isn't enough surface area for this OmniPod-using, light on top lady, but I'm always interested in new real estate!

  12. i love that you watermarked your illustrations, lest they show up on some other website without attribution!

    BOOB ON!!

  13. Wonderful! I'm still squeamish about a 3rd nip on my AAs. Hmmmm, I wonder if I could pump thru silicone!

  14. this is revolutionary!

    and--what?--no male equivalent? someone must be willing to try infusing into their family jewels.

  15. OMG! I found this after searching for pictures of where to hide a pump in a bra... I'm dying laughing at the pics. While it's a serious topic, the third pic really Can't stop laughing! :-) My day has officially been made. Thanks!

  16. Just in case you readers think that such an infusion site is limited to women, those of us with "moobs" can give it a try as well! I've done it a few times and generally found it worked okay except for the fact that the seatbelt would press against my chest and made the infusion site uncomfortable for me if I wore it on left side. I think it pressed my moob down on the cannula.